How to Sort Microsoft Excel Rows Alphabetically

By Techwalla Computers Editor

It's hard to beat Microsoft Excel for its ability to organize data. The great part about Excel is that it doesn't take much effort to sort the data the way you want it. A few clicks and what was once a jumbled set of information is now something useful. One of the most common and helpful tools is the function that sorts data alphabetically.

Step 1

Select the data you would like to sort alphabetically. Maybe it's just a small selection in a large worksheet, so simply select only the cells and any corresponding data; everything else remains the same.

Step 2

Click on "Data" from the main toolbar at the top of the worksheet and in the sub-menu that drops down, click on "Sort." The Excel program automatically selects the entire set of data and opens a new window.

Step 3

Check to see that the data you select matches what you want to sort. If the program indicates that there isn't enough data or the data selection is too limited in some way, a "Sort Warning" box appears. You can change the data selected before you continue.

Step 4

Look at the choices in the "Sort" sub-window and let the program know if your data has column headers or not. If you select "Header Row" option, Excel will not sort that row of data. If you select "No Header Row," then all rows of data, including any header rows like Name, Address, City, State and Zip, will sort alphabetically in the process.

Step 5

Decide how you want the data sorted. You can choose to only have one column sorted and all corresponding data will match up with it or have subsequent columns sorted after. For example, you can sort by last name from A to Z (ascending order) then sort the data alphabetically by first name, then again have the list alphabetically sorted by city.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the data in the whole worksheet corresponds with each other don't select anything, just click on any cell within the data set.

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