How to Speed Up AT&T DSL

By Alexandra Bee

Whether you are an avid gamer or have multiple family members using your current DSL connection, slow speeds can cause delay in work, entertainment and streaming media online. When using AT&T's DSL service, customers have the ability to choose from various Internet packages with different features and speeds. Speeding up the AT&T DSL service does not require technical knowledge or skills and is not extensively time consuming. Follow these quick steps to amp up your AT&T DSL.

Step 1

Review your current Internet service with AT&T including the monthly bill to verify your package costs and Internet speed.

Step 2

Determine your own budget for Internet costs and if it is above your current monthly bill, you may be able to upgrade to a faster Internet service.

Step 3

Open your computer's default Internet browser and browse to the official AT&T website to view specials, deals and packages available for AT&T's Internet service.

Step 4

Call AT&T's customer service to talk with an AT&T representative about upgrading your DSL service and the features included as well as the monthly costs. The official AT&T representative is capable of upgrading your Internet speed and monthly subscription for you.

Step 5

Reset your router and Internet modem after upgrading your account by following your router's manual or guide or by pressing the "Reset" button on any router or modem for ten seconds to reset the hardware completely.

Step 6

Close running programs on your computer that are unnecessary or not being used to help keep your computer running at optimal speed, which also allows the Internet to run at its full potential.