How to Speed Up My Internet Bandwidth

By Artesia Peluso

There's nothing worse than being in a hurry to download, watch or open something on a slow computer. While there are a host of reasons why a computer may operate slowly, the first thing you should check is your bandwidth. Bandwidth is the maximum amount of information transmission a computer can handle. Measured in bits/second, a computer's bandwidth can be altered by several different factors.

Step 1

Change the browser settings on your computer, so that when you open an web page no animations, graphics, video, sound or other multimedia content appears. The multimedia features usually take up a lot of bandwidth space. Turn off your media browser settings by selecting the control panel option on your computer and opening up the internet options. When the internet options come up, left click the tab that says "advanced" and scroll down to multimedia. Deselect the multimedia options and save your changes.

Step 2

Clear out unnecessary information in your Cache and Cookies within your browser. Cache and Cookies work to store information from the internet like passwords and log-ins. However, they also take up a lot of bandwidth space. Click the tools tab in your browser, select "Clear Recent History" and then select which files you'd like to clear. Press ENTER or CLEAR NOW an then save your settings

Step 3

Visit sites like to test your bandwidth. SpeedTest provides a free broadband connection analysis that test a user's internet speed against other servers. Click the Begin Test icon and notate the bandwidth speed test results. Most often when you sign a internet contract you are guaranteed a certain speed that your computer will operate at. The results presented are a user's download and upload bandwidth speeds. These results allow you to measure how fast your computer is downloading and uploading information.

Step 4

Look at your internet contract with your service provider. Compare the notated SpeedTest results against what your bandwidth is supposed to be according to your contract. If your modem is operating under speed, contact your service provider and have the representative reset the bandwidth or make a request to upgrade to a faster modem.