How to Speed Up Youku Videos

By Robert Schrader

Speed up videos that play on YouKu, China's answer to YouTube, to enjoy them with less waiting time beforehand. Several factors influence the speed at which your YouKu video loads. Although the speed of the Internet is important among these, other factors -- the length of the video and the general performance of your computer -- affect the load time for YouKu videos as well.

Step 1

If other Web pages besides YouKu are loading slow as well, connect the computer to a different Internet connection. The faster the Internet connection, the faster YouKu videos load.

Step 2

Wait for longer YouKu videos to "buffer" before you attempt to play them. If you want to watch a 30-minute video, for example, occupy yourself with work or entertainment on another website for a few minutes to give the video time to load substantially.

Step 3

Turn off your proxy or VPN if you live in China and use one to get around Chinese government filters for Facebook, Twitter or the actual YouTube. Proxies conceal your IP address and allow you to surf more freely, but may inadvertently slow down your Internet connection.

Step 4

Update your Adobe Flash player to its later version. Like YouTube, YouKu streams its videos using Adobe Flash. If your Flash player is out of date, it can affect how quickly streams play, if they play at all.

Step 5

Close out of any computer applications you aren't actively using. Overusing your computer's memory and processor slows down all processes, including content that loads within Web browsers.

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