How to Stack PDF Files

By Cooper Temple

One of the most popular ways to submit and distribute documents over the Internet is in a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. These files may be opened and viewed by any user who installs a PDF reading program, most of which are free of charge. If you accumulate a large amount of PDF material, you may find it convenient or necessary to stack or combine multiple documents into one PDF file. You can stack PDF files with a PDF writing application by following a few steps.

Things You'll Need

  • PDF files
  • PDF writing program

Step 1

Install and launch a PDF writing application. While Adobe Acrobat Pro is used in the following steps, there is a cost associated with the program. You can download a free trial version of the program, but there are also free PDF writing programs available. No matter what PDF writing program you choose, make certain that it has a feature that allows you to combine different PDF documents.

Step 2

Click once on the “File” drop down menu and select the “Create PDF” option. Choose the “From Multiple Files” option. This will launch a separate window that will allow you to choose the PDF files that you want to combine. Click once on the “Add Files” button on the “Combine Files” window.

Step 3

Choose a folder to which the PDF files will be saved using the “Look in” menu. Click once on each file that you want to combine while holding down the “Control” (Ctrl) key. To select a block of PDF files in order, click once on the first file and once on the last while holding down the “Shift” key. When you have finished selecting the PDF files, click once on the “Add Files” button.

Step 4

Click once on the “Next” button on the “Combine Files” window. Choose the “Merge files into a single PDF” option to combine the PDF files into one seamless PDF document. Choose the “Assemble files into a PDF package” to combine the separate files into a single PDF file in which users may select each file separately. The individual files may be put in a different order or remove using the “Move” and “Remove” buttons. Click once on the “Create” button after you have made your selections.

Step 5

Click once on the “Save” button on the “Combine Files” window to save the merged files. Choose a folder using the “Save in” menu. Type a name for the combined files in the “File name” field and click once on the “Save” button.