How to Start a Website

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Making a website is easy and fun and you can do it with no technical experience. Nonprofit organizations, colleges, attorneys, stores, banks and business of all types use websites. Websites are a great way of advertising and getting your information online where it is available to others. People can do just about anything online such as shop, pay bills, check schedules or inquire about products. Here's how to make a website.

Step 1

Decide on a name of the business or the purpose for creating the website. You will need to come up with a domain name. Domain names are unique and no two are alike.

Step 2

Purchase your domain name. There are many companies where you can purchase a domain name. Sometimes you can receive a free domain name or several if you host with that company too.

Step 3

Determine who will host your website. There are many companies online that will host your website free of charge or for a nominal fee. Consider packaging all your website needs together for a better price.

Step 4

Ask the companies questions to help you decide what your best option is. Find out if they have an existing template design available to assist you in the creation of the website. Many companies have several for you to choose from. Is there a limit on the number of pages for the website, and if so how many are you allowed.

Step 5

Look online before you begin your website to get ideas of what you like and don't like about other sites.

Step 6

Create your website using the template of your choice. Templates make it very easy to create websites. The template will guide you through each of the steps indicating where to put your text, where to upload your photos, where to put your contact information and any other pertinent information.