How to Start Selling on Ebay- Beginner's Guide

By Techwalla Contributor

The thought of selling on Ebay can be so overwhelming, that you just can not muster up the courage to start.You may have wanted to sell on Ebay for years, but just do not believe it will ever happen.You can scroll, all the way to the bottom for an article I wrote on How to sell on Ebay, but this article will just give you the basics, to not overwhelm you and give you the courage to start selling on Ebay!

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

Step 1

Go to Paypal, and register for free for an account.This is how you get paid, once you are selling on Ebay. It is the first step. They will ask for your savings or checking account, for their safety. Once you are selling on Ebay, you will acquire Ebay fees and they want to make sure they will get paid, in case you have no funds left in your Paypal account. Paypal is completely safe. Paypal will deposit 2 small deposits into your savings or checking account to verify this is you. Once those amounts hit your account, you can verify.

Step 2

Register at Ebay.It is completely free, and they will prompt you through the easy process. (Relax, I am not going to have you list anything, simply sign up for now. I know how overwhelming new things can be, I have been there.)

Step 3

Look around Ebay!See what others are selling, you can also visit the forums. Spend some time getting familiar with the site.Also feel free to buy something. It is very simple to buy. This will also allow you to receive feedback, which will help once you go to sell!

Tips & Warnings

  • Feel free to scroll down and read my article on how to sell on Ebay!