How to Start Up Windows XP Safe Mode Using the "F8" Key

By Techwalla Contributor

There are times when you must start up your Windows XP computer system in Safe Mode, such as when you must remove certain types of malware -- viruses, spyware, Trojans, keyloggers and adware -- that cannot be removed while in the standard mode. Starting in Safe Mode is relatively easy.

Step 1

Close any programs you have open and reboot your computer. Wait for your BIOS to finish loading (this will be displayed on screen).

Step 2

Press the "F8" key and hold it until the screen appears.

Step 3

Use the arrow keys of your keyboard to navigate to "Safe Mode" in the Windows Advanced Options menu. Press "Enter." Your PC will now reboot in the Safe Mode. Wait for the process to complete, as it may take a few minutes.

Step 4

Close all open programs, and then reboot your PC as normal.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can start Windows XP in the Safe Mode from the "Start" menu by clicking "Help and Support." Next, type "safe mode" (without quotes) in the Search box and press "Enter." Click on "Start Windows in Safe Mode."