How to Sync a BlackBerry With Gmail Contacts

By Andrea Ruiz

BlackBerry is a brand of robust-feature mobile phones designed by RIM Technologies primarily for the business community. Many BlackBerry users have a large list of contacts saved on their phones, either for personal or business use. If you own a BlackBerry and you already have an extensive pre-existing contacts list in a Gmail account, there's no need to manually enter all the contact information over onto your phone. Using the free Google Sync for BlackBerry application, you can quickly synchronize your Gmail contacts onto your BlackBerry contact list in one sitting.

Step 1

Create a contacts group in your Gmail contacts called "My Contacts." The Google Sync for BlackBerry tool will only synchronize contacts between your Gmail and BlackBerry accounts in a Gmail contacts group called "My Contacts." While logged into your Gmail account, click "Contacts" on the left to open Gmail Contact Manager, then click the "New Group" link. Enter "My Contacts" as the new group name and save it.

Step 2

Add the Gmail contacts you wish to synchronize onto your BlackBerry to your new "My Contacts" Gmail group. In Gmail Contact Manager, check the box next to each name you wish to synchronize on your phone. When you finish selecting all the names you want to synchronize, click the "Add to My Contacts" button at the top to add them all to your new "My Contacts" Gmail group.

Step 3

Point your BlackBerry web browser to the Google Sync for mobile phones page (see Resources).

Step 4

Click the "Install Now" link to begin downloading and installing the latest version of the Gmail for BlackBerry phones. Reboot your phone if prompted after the installation is complete.

Step 5

Open the "Applications" folder on your BlackBerry menu and click the Google Sync icon. This icon is round and has a "g" in the middle of the circle, surrounded by two curved arrows. If this icon isn't in your Applications folder, check the "Downloads" folder instead.

Step 6

Log in to your Google or Gmail account by clicking the "Menu" button on your BlackBerry. This is usually the button to the left of your track pad or optical pad on your phone, bearing the RIM Technologies logo. Click "Sign In" from the pop-up menu that opens and follow the on-screen instructions for logging in to your Google or Gmail account.

Step 7

Press the "Menu" button on your phone again. This time, select "Sync Now." This will launch Google Sync. You will see an on-screen dialog indicating that your phone is in the process of syncing your phone contacts with your Gmail contacts. This process merges your BlackBerry contacts with your "My Contacts" Gmail group, formatting them both the same way and combining any duplicates into a single entry.

Step 8

Click the blue "Dismiss" button when you receive the message that your contacts synchronization was successful.

Tips & Warnings

  • Google Sync will also synchronize your Google calendar entries with your BlackBerry phone's calendar.