How to Tag a Page on My Facebook Status

By Robert Schrader

Facebook connects users via common interests with the "Like" feature. When you opt to "Like" a certain Facebook page -- be it one dedicated to a celebrity, company or product -- you can see and communicate with others who also "Like" the page. Tagging a page you "Like" in your status update also posts the message to the page's Wall. Once this happens, all the other users who "Like" the page see what you've said -- and friends who see your status in their News Feeds can navigate to the page and "Like" it too.

Step 1

Visit the page you want to tag and "Like" it. Just as you must be friends with a person before tagging her, you must "Like" a page before you tag it.

Step 2

Enter your status update, which should include the full name of the page you want to tag. For example, if you want to mention wallpaper, you might write your status as follows: "I love shopping for wallpaper!"

Step 3

Delete the name of the page you want to tag. Enter the "@" symbol and begin retyping the name of the page, which causes a list of pages to appear below the @ symbol. Click the name of the page when you see it in the list. This forms a tag. Once you successfully tag a page, it appears as a clickable link in your status update.