How to Terminate Time Warner Cable Service

By Si Kingston

Time Warner doesn't place cable, Internet or phone customers into a contract that binds them to their service for a specific time. So if you are ready to terminate Time Warner's cable service, you can do so at any time without penalty. If you want to cancel the cable service because you're moving, you might be able to transfer the service instead if Time Warner services your new area.

Step 1

Decide if you want to transfer your Time Warner cable service to a new location. This is possible if you're canceling the service because you're moving. Be advised that Time Warner cable isn't available everywhere.

Step 2

Call Time Warner Customer Service. To find the customer service number for your area, see Resources.

Step 3

Request to cancel your Time Warner cable service.

Step 4

Provide the representative with your full name, address or account PIN. Give the representative a date to end your cable service.

Step 5

Return the cable box and any other equipment to a Time Warner service office. Make sure to return the equipment in a timely manner. At that time, you can pay the remaining balance.

Step 6

Call the Cable Movers Hotline, or visit the Cable Movers Hotline website, and enter your zip code to find another cable provider in your area.