How to Think of a Unique Username

By Mark Robinson

Coming up with a new username is one of the first requirements of signing up to any social networking website. Unfortunately, the name you chose may already be in use by someone else. Therefore, it is important to think of a unique username, in order to set yourself apart from other users and also to avoid running into instances where your username is already spoken for.

Step 1

Include your profession, hobbies or favorite things in your username. For instance, you can include your favorite animal, sports team or hobby in your username.

Step 2

Use random words for your desired username, such as "TunaPotato." Also use interesting spellings of words and include numbers in your username, just as long as it's easy to remember and easy for others to read and spell.

Step 3

Use a name generator to come up with new username ideas. If you happen to be stumped on selecting a good username, using a name generator can help trigger some ideas. In some cases, it may generate a quality username that you can use right away.

Step 4

Ensure that your username is not already spoken for. The username that you want may already be taken by someone else. In many cases, you may have to alter the desired username somewhat or even come up with a different unique username. There are services available that can help you check if your username is being used on a number of popular websites.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember not to use obscene words or phrases in your username. This can violate the user terms of most websites and become grounds for having your username banned or deleted.