How to Trace a Verizon Cell Phone

By Jim Franklin

Traditional phone services have never made it easy to identify or locate a cell phone. Telephone directories typically have not listed cell numbers. And land-line service providers have not traced calls for customers. Newer technology is changing the landscape. The Internet, cell phone applications and global-positioning technology (GPS) provide the ability to track cell phones sold from retailers such as Verizon.

Step 1

Type the Verizon cell phone number into an Internet search engine such as Google or Yahoo. If a consumer or a business website has posted information relating to the cell phone number, it will show up in the search results. Some sites publish information on fraudulent practices such as "phishing scams." Websites such as and may have information regarding a Verizon cell phone number used to repeatedly call people from a call center.

Step 2

Use a free reverse look-up site on the Internet. A reverse look-up site allows you to enter the phone number for information concerning the owner. Use caution when using websites such as and The sites ask for your own phone number to perform a search. This may lead to unwanted telemarketing or sales calls. Consumers contribute to websites such as and Phone number searches are free and you do not have to provide your own phone number. Information may be limited though, as phone numbers are provided on a volunteer basis.

Step 3

Pay a mobile-phone search website., and are websites that offer paid reverse phone look-ups. They may reveal information such as the Verizon cell-phone owner's name, address and other personal information.

Step 4

Call the Verizon VZ Navigator Service. Although it is not true GPS, Verizon Wireless offers a GPS-like navigation service on many cell phones. A Java application finds the location of a cell phone with a triangulation method that uses cell-phone towers. "Real-time" tracking is not available because the application must constantly update itself by reconnecting to the cell-phone towers. It does, however, offer an approximate area.

Step 5

Contact a cell phone technician. A cell phone technician may determine the location of a cell phone by gathering data from three nearby cell phone towers. The technician compares the relative strength of the signal between the three towers in the service area. Figures placed into a complex algorithm allow the technician to find the phone's location within approximately 100 meters. This is the same way 911 operators use mobile service providers to find a caller's location in emergency situations.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Verizon VZ Navigator Service works from the handset's point of view. This means that obtaining location information can be performed only with the Verizon phone in your possession.