How to Trace Mobile Phone Numbers

By Techwalla Contributor

Have you been receiving annoying calls? Or need to contact someone and the only contact detail you have is a cell number? Or want to keep a parental check on your teenager's friends and whereabouts or an unfaithful spouse? Tracing cell phone numbers has been made easier and real-time with the help of the blue tooth technology.

Step 1

The first method which helps tracing cell phone numbers is to use a search engine like Google. If they have registered on to a friendship, dating or business site, the search engine will reveal it all.

Step 2

Asking for an itemized bill of all the cell phone numbers in your house - this way no one feels offended about the itemized checking and in the bid to file the bills you have all the bills to keep an eye on. For your information the cell phone companies even provide a GPS service tracing the location of a mobile and reports it. You would know if the mobile strays! This is a real-time service available at a charge.

Step 3

There are voluntary directories, where people post their contact details - that includes the cell phone number.

Step 4

If you want to keep tracing cell phone numbers on your teenager or spouse there are real-time methods in the market - Google and search reverse mobile site -, like this one. Enter the phone number your suspect and it will tell you all about the person you want to know about. You could even try the national cell phone registry - and There is mobile loadable software available which allow the tracing of cell phone numbers, like PhoneStealth, Blueware, etc. These Bluetooth software will allow your phone to get inside their cell phone - allow you to read their text messages, share their photos and other files, check their caller log, etc.