How to Trace Where a Phone Number Called From

By James Green

When you receive a call from an unknown person, it is often desirable to know from where the call originated. Without the use of reverse look-up, most telephone numbers can be traced to the area code level. By following a few simple steps, any telephone number can be manually traced by looking up the area code. Although many telephone numbers are not listed, any number may be traced using this method.

Step 1

Count the number of digits in the telephone number. If there are more than 10 digits, it is likely an international number. The first four or five digits in an international number is the international calling code, a list of which may be found on many websites.

Step 2

Check the first three or four digits of the phone number. If the number has 10 digits, then the first three represent the number's area code. If the number has 11 digits, then the area code will be represented by the second, third and fourth digits.

Step 3

Look up the number's area code, a list of which is available from many online sources. The telephone number will then be traceable to a particular region within the United States or Canada.

Step 4

Check the remaining seven digits of the telephone number. If the number is publicly listed, then it may be checked by a reverse look-up, which can be conducted on the White Page's website.