How to Track Landline Phones

By Amanda Gronot

When you receive a call and do not know where the call is coming from, you may want to track that phone number. Often, unknown numbers belong to telemarketers, and answering their calls may be an annoyance. You may also be the victim of a prank call and wish to track the perpetrator, or you may fear that you have simply missed an important connection. Fortunately, there are several free options for tracking calls from a landline phone.

Step 1

Type the number into your preferred search engine. Put the last seven digits in quotations. Try using a hyphen or a space, or searching with or without the area code. Use the name of the region instead of the area code if you do not get any hits.

Step 2

Type the number into a reverse phone number look-up site. Several online websites, such as, or, contain a database of landline phone numbers. These websites will try to match the number you entered to information in their databases. Usually, they can provide a name and location for a landline phone number.

Step 3

Pay a website to trace the phone for you. Websites with more extensive landline and cell phone databases often require a small fee to track a number. Some of these websites include, or Search for a reputable website and read user comments before paying. Be sure to review any software before downloading it, as it may be a virus or scam.

Step 4

Dial *57 if you do not have caller ID or the number appears as blocked. This code activates Call Trace, which means that the phone company records the phone number for you. However, the company will not automatically give you the number. You will have to sign an authorization form, and the number will be turned over to law enforcement officers for further investigation. You must pay a fee to begin this service, and some companies require a monthly fee or a fee for each time you use the service.