How to Track Restricted Cell Phone Calls

By Joanne Cichetti

It is extremely frustrating to receive prank calls from "Restricted" or "Private" numbers. Anybody can block his name and number from appearing on your caller ID simply by dialing *67 before making the call. Unfortunately, tracking the restricted caller isn't very simple. If you really want to find out who has been calling you, you will have to try a few different methods.

Step 1

Note down the date and time you received the last call from the restricted number. You will need this information for tracking the call.

Step 2

Check your phone record at the end of the month. Sometimes, phone providers list all the numbers (restricted and open) on the call record. Now track the calls that you received at the time and date noted in Step 1. If you don't find the phone number there, move to the next step.

Step 3

Contact your phone service provider and ask them if they offer call-blocking. This feature specifically blocks the restricted callers and notifies them to unblock their number for getting the call through. This way, the caller is forced to give in. If he doesn't disclose his name and number, the call will not be connected.If your phone service doesn't offer a similar service, tell them you are receiving calls from a restricted number and you want to trace the number. If the calls are threatening or harassing in nature, you should consider contacting the police immediately.