How to Transfer Contact Information From an iPhone to a New iPhone

By Paul Kemp

One of the great advantages of the Apple iPhone is its seamless integration with your computer and the data programs you can synchronize, or sync, to the device. Data, music and photos can be loaded onto your iPhone with just a couple of clicks on your computer. With newer generations of iPhones being released each year, this functionality is especially convenient for people who want to migrate their data from one iPhone to a newer version.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • iTunes software
  • iPhones(s)
  • iPhone USB cord

Step 1

Open the iTunes program on your computer. Connect your old iPhone to your computer via the USB cord. An iPhone icon will show up in the left-hand column of the iTunes application window, beneath the “Devices” heading.

Step 2

Right-click (Ctrl + click on Mac) on the iPhone in the “Devices” column. Select “Back Up” from the flyout menu that appears.

Step 3

Disconnect the iPhone after the progress bar has indicated that the action is completed. A message will display that it is “OK to disconnect”.

Step 4

Connect the new iPhone to the computer. A window in the iTunes application window will display a message instructing you to “Set up your iPhone” box. This message will indicate that an iPhone has been previously synced on your computer.

Step 5

Check the “Restore from backup of” box. Select the backup file you just made from the dropdown menu on the right side of the screen. Wait for the progress bar to complete the action. This will indicate that your contacts will be ready for you on the new iPhone.

Tips & Warnings

  • Although performing an iPhone backup will allow you to transfer your contacts and your phone settings, you will still need to sync your other data, such as music and pictures, through the normal iPhone syncing process.