How to Transfer From Android to Android

By Cee Jay

When upgrading from one Android phone to another, it's easy to lose precious information. The longer you've had your phone, the more pictures, phone numbers and apps there will be, and the more time it takes to transfer them. These files can be stored on the SD card, SIM card or directly on the phone.

Things You'll Need

  • USB cable (optional)

Step 1

Remove the SD card from the old phone to the new one. The micro SD card is where your pictures are stored, unless you've changed the default location. Any music and video files you have should be on the card also, and will show up on the new Android. Turn the phone upside down and remove the back cover. Lift the metal holder to slide out the card, being careful not to touch the gold contacts underneath. Install the SD card into the other phone in the same manner.

Step 2

Back up your contacts to the SIM card before switching it to the other phone. If you set up a Google account on your phone when it was purchased, your contacts are backed up automatically. Sometimes the contacts must be copied to the Sim card manually, or you will see an empty address book when you transfer. Go to Contacts and press "Menu." Press "Import/Export," then "Export to SIM."

Step 3

Upload text messages to your Gmail account. This used to be done automatically, but is now done through third-party apps. Download an SMS backup app, such as SMS Backup +, and log in to your Google account. Make sure you are connected to the Internet, then tap "Backup Now." Install the same app on the second Android, log in, and tap "Restore." All of your texts are copied to the new phone, with the exception of picture messages, which are currently not supported.

Step 4

Install Titanium Backup if you have a rooted phone. Routing allows access system files that normally cannot be tampered with. Titanium Backup lists every app currently installed on the phone, and gives the option to back up system and user data. User data includes saved games and settings that otherwise would be lost when reinstalling an app.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make a backup of the main storage by connecting the phone to a computer, and copying the files and folders to the hard drive. This provides an extra backup in case you've forgotten anything important.