How to Transfer Photos From a Droid to a Computer

By Ken White

As the quality of cell phone cameras has improved, many people have begun using their cell phone as their primary camera. The Motorola Droid has a 5 megapixel rear-facing camera, with a dual LED flash and a 4X digital zoom. Focus is automatic. The camera features image stabilization, color effects and location tagging. Photographs taken with the camera are saved to the Droid's microSD card and can be copied or moved to a computer with a USB cable for editing and printing.

Step 1

Connect the small plug of a micro-USB cable to the jack on the side of the Droid. Connect the larger plug to an open USB jack on your computer.

Step 2

Press "Turn on USB Storage" on the Droid "USB Connected" screen. Press "OK" at the warning prompt. When the microSD card is mounted as storage, the Droid icon on the "USB Connected" screen will change color from green to orange.

Step 3

Double-click "Computer" on your desktop or click "Start" and then "Computer." Double-click "Droid" under "Devices with Removable Storage" in the Explorer window.

Step 4

Double-click the "DCIM" directory, then double-click "Camera." Select the photographs you want to move. Right-click the highlighted files and choose "Copy" from the context menu.

Step 5

Click the back arrow on the Explorer window to the list of drives and maneuver through the file system to the location where you want to save the photographs. Right-click and click "New," and then select "Folder" to make a new directory or double-click to open an existing folder. Right-click on an empty portion of the folder window and select "Paste."

Step 6

Press "Turn Off USB Storage" on the Droid when you finish transferring photographs. It is then safe to disconnect the USB cable from the Droid.