How to Transfer Program License Keys to a New Computer

By LangstonD

There comes a point in every computer's life where the computer is no longer useful and is either trashed or sold. All the licenses on the computer are still active unless you manually go into the system and deauthorize the licenses and move them to another computer. Reauthorization can be a very messy situation unless you perform all the needed steps to make the process run smoothly.

Step 1

Copy the license down from the software that your are trying to deauthorize. Depending on the software manufacturer, you might have to contact it directly. You might need to move the licenses manually if the developer or retailer doesn't offer the deauthorization option. Check the "About" tab on the software to see if it has a deauthorization tool already installed. In popular programs such as iTunes, there is a deauthorization tool that renders all purchased content unreadable.

Step 2

Contact the software manufacturer through its support site. Most manufacturers use the Internet to validate a license. If the server detects that two versions of the company's software are running the same key, the the company will blacklist the key until the rightful owner contact the company. To circumvent this process, erase the older computer's installation of that software or wipe the entire hard drive.

Step 3

Wipe the hard drive of the old computer by inserting an operating system disc. Perform a fresh installation of the operating system to erase all the files on the hard drive. This can be completed by following the on-screen prompts given to you once you insert the disc or flash drive into your computer.

Step 4

Insert the old key into your new computer and run the software. Perform a 24-hour test by using the software and performing updates on the software for roughly a day. A problem shouldn't occur, but if it does, contact the software support site and make sure to locate the original receipt and purchase information. With most software retailers, if you purchase the product online, they send you receipt along with a product key.