How to Transfer Roboform to Another Computer

By Joanne Reid

RoboForm is a brand of password management software that saves your passwords and other pertinent login information, so you can browse to all your favorite places and enter password-protected sites with a single click. RoboForm can also password-protect its contents, so your personal password information is safe. To transfer your RoboForm software to another computer, you can use a portable USB storage device.

Step 1

Find the RoboForm folder on your computer. It is called "My RoboForm Data" and is usually located in the My Documents folder (or Documents folder in Vista).

Step 2

Plug an external hard drive or flash drive into the USB port on your computer.

Step 3

Copy the "My RoboForm Data" folder to the USB drive.

Step 4

Connect the USB drive to the other computer.

Step 5

Go to and download the program to the other computer. Install it and verify it with the RoboForm home page.

Step 6

Copy the My RoboForm Data folder from the USB device into the My Documents (or Documents) folder on the other computer. This will overwrite the folder that was created when you installed the program in Step 5 and install the existing data from your computer's copy of the My RoboForm Data folder.

Tips & Warnings

  • It does not matter whether you install RoboForm to the other computer first or copy the folder first.
  • Be sure to verify where the My RoboForm Data folder should be on the computer to which you are moving it. If you are not sure where it should go, install RoboForm on the other computer first, so you can see where it places the folder.

References & Resources