How to Trim Video in After Effects

By Quinten Plummer

Adobe After Effects is a robust graphics utility, used to add high quality effects and graphics to videos. And while After Effects is generally used on a video project after the editing process, the program is also a full-featured editor in its own right. And if you need to adjust the length of a video clip or layer in After Effects, you won't need to export the video or layer; you can trim them in After Effects.

Step 1

Launch Adobe After Effects. Load your project into the program.

Step 2

Select a video to trim. Double-click the video in the list of files below the "Project" heading; the video will load into After Effects' preview window.

Step 3

Drag the slider, in the timeline below the video, to the point where you'd like the video to begin. Click on the "{" icon, below the timeline, to mark the beginning or your video.

Step 4

Drag the slider along the timeline, to the point where you want the video to end. Clic the "}" icon to mark the video's end point and to complete your trim. Alternatively, you can trim your video in the After Effect's video timeline.

Step 5

Drag your video clip to the project timeline at the bottom of the program.

Step 6

Drag the beginning of the video forward to adjust the video's start time. Drag the end of the video backward, to adjust the video clip's end point.