How to Troubleshoot a Computer With a Blank Screen

By Perry Piekarski

A computer with a blank screen makes it impossible to work and get anything done, as you literally can't see what you're doing. Many times, a blank screen is a minor issue that is both quick and easy to troubleshoot. Disconnected cables and the computer's "sleep mode" often cause the monitor to go blank without warning. Troubleshooting a blank monitor properly could save you the money needed for a pricey replacement.

Step 1

Examine the monitor, looking for any physical damage such as a cracked screen. A damaged monitor may cease to function entirely.

Step 2

Move the mouse and press keys on the computer to make sure your PC isn't in "Sleep Mode." Many computers go into this power-saving state after a period of idleness and need to be woken up.

Step 3

Press the power button on both your computer and monitor to make sure both devices are on. Most computers and computer monitors have a light that illuminates when active.

Step 4

Shut down your computer and monitor.

Step 5

Disconnect all the cables and wires connected to the monitor and any cables running from the monitor to the PC's system unit.

Step 6

Reconnect the monitor's cables firmly into their appropriate inputs, replacing any cables that show physical damage such as tearing or fraying.

Step 7

Connect the monitor's power cord to a working surge protector or electrical outlet. Make sure the surge protector is switched on--if the surge protector is switched off, it won't supply the monitor with any power.

Step 8

Connect the computer to a different monitor or the monitor to a different computer to determine whether the issue is because of the monitor or the PC. If the PC works with a different monitor, the issue is with the original monitor and it may need service or replacement.

Tips & Warnings

  • If troubleshooting the monitor yourself doesn't solve the issue, contact the monitor's manufacturer to see if it's still covered under warranty. You may be able to get a replacement free of charge.