How to Troubleshoot a Mitsubishi 1080P

By Ross Glyn

A Mitsubishi 1080P is a flat-screen HDTV that uses digital light processing technology. Mitsubishi produced its first TV in 1953 and is now known world wide. However, as with many high-end consumer electronics, glitches can occur. Problems are fairly simple to troubleshoot, whether it is an issue with a unit that is overheating or blocked TV channels. Before calling in a service repairman, run through a few troubleshooting steps on your own.

Step 1

Check to see that the AC power cord is securely plugged into the electrical outlet if the unit does not power on. Test another appliance in the same outlet to check for power. Inspect the household electrical panel for any tripped breakers or blown fuses. Reset breakers and replace fuses with others of the exact same amperage rating. Check that the batteries in the remote control are fresh and there are no obstructions between the TV's remote sensor and the remote.

Step 2

Change the TV Energy Mode to "Fast Power On" in the Set Up menu if the TV takes an excessively long time to power on. The TV Energy Mode could be set to Low Power.

Step 3

Wait at least one and a half minutes for the front panel light to stop blinking, then press "Power" if the TV will not turn on even after being plugged in.

Step 4

Clear any blocked air vents on the unit and ensure that there is at least four inches of clearance on all sides of the TV if the TV turns itself off unexpectedly and the status light is blinking yellow. The on-screen message "TV will shut down in a few seconds. Please check if the air flow is blocked" may appear. Blocked air vents can cause the unit to overheat.

Step 5

Unlock the TV's control panel if the remote control has been misplaced and you are unable to operate the TV. Press and hold the "Menu" touch key on the control panel for ore than eight seconds. You can do this even if the TV is powered off.

Step 6

Press the "Mute" button on the remote control to deactivate the muting function if there is no sound even when the volume is turned up.

Step 7

Check that the TV is switched to the correct device or antenna for the particular channel you wish to view if you cannot access that channel. Press the "Input" key on the remote control to select the correct device or antenna. To view a channel that has been locked out, input your four digit pass code onto the remote control key pad and press "Enter." Power the TV off and on again to reactivate the parental lock.