How to Troubleshoot a Mitsubishi Big Sreen TV

By Ross Glyn

A Mitsubishi Big Screen TV uses rear-projection to display images. Mitsubishi is a well-known producer of consumer electronics. However, as with many high-end TV's, technical problems may arise. These problems are usually fairly simple to diagnose and many can be remedied quickly. Before calling in a service technician, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can run through on your own.

Step 1

Ensure that the power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet if the TV will not turn on. Try another appliance in the same outlet to test its power. Check the home electrical panel for any tripped breakers or blown fuses and fix these as necessary. Verify that the batteries in the remote control are fresh and replace if needed.

Step 2

Press "ENTER" on the remote control after pressing channel numbers if the TV takes several seconds to respond to channel commands.

Step 3

Press the "INPUT" button on the remote control to check that the TV is tuned to the correct input source if you cannot access a certain channel. Verify that the V-Chip function is off. Press "MENU" on the remote control to access the "Main Menu." Highlight "V-Chip Menu" then highlight "V-Chip." Use the left/right arrows to select "OFF."

Step 4

Press the "MUTE" button on the remote control to deactivate the muting function if there is no sound from the TV, even when the volume is turned up. Check that the "TV Speakers" setting is turned "ON."

Step 5

Verify that "Audio" is connected to "Monitor Out" on the back panel of the TV if the sound does not match the TV picture.

Step 6

Turn off the Closed Caption function if a large black or gray box appears on the screen. Press "MENU" on the remote control to access the "Main Menu." Highlight the "Captions Menu." Highlight "Closed Captions" and use the left/right arrows to select "OFF." This should remove the gray/black box from the screen.

Step 7

Turn the TV off for a few hours before using, if condensation forms inside the unit and the picture is blurred or distorted. This can happen when there is a sudden change in temperature, or when the set has been sitting in the draft of an air conditioner, and then the air is turned off.

Tips & Warnings

  • An on-screen display will appear each time you change a function. This is normal.
  • Unplug the TV during electrical storms, or when not in use for prolonged periods.
  • Do not place your TV in direct sunlight.