How to Troubleshoot a Tracfone

By Patrick Nelson

Tracfone is a pay-as-you go cellular phone provider. The phones can be purchased for as little as $20 in convenience stores, gas stations and also big-box electronics retailers. They don't manufacture their own phones but use phones from a variety of manufacturers like Nokia and Motorola. You're quite likely to see the Motorolas in stores. For the purposes of this article, we'll explore troubleshooting the Motorola switching off for no apparent reason, and no incoming call ring tone.

Step 1

Switch the phone on and wait a moment. Has it rapidly switched itself off? If so, this is likely due to a depleted battery. Recharge the battery and try again. If it continues to happen, check if the power on/off feature isn't set. The power on/off feature switches the phone off and on at certain times. Go to the Settings Menu, choose Other Settings, then Initial Setup and then Power On/Off.

Step 2

Switch the phone on again and wait a moment; the phone should now remain on.

Step 3

Check the volume setting by pressing the central navigation key left or right to adjust the volume. If you've been having problems hearing a ring tone for incoming messages, adjusting this feature should correct the problem.

Step 4

Look at the screen now and verify the phone doesn't say "No Service." If it doesn't, the phone is now ready to receive and make calls. If the screen indicates "No Service," move to a location where there is likely to be service. This includes cities and areas that would not be considered rural.

Tips & Warnings

  • The backlight display is controlled by a menu item in the settings. Go to Settings, then Other Settings, then Initial Setup and choose "Backlight."

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