How to Troubleshoot TV Sound Problems

By Grahame Turner

Television is not just about the picture on the screen, it's also about the sound that makes up the dialog, sound effects and background music to create a full experience. However, sometimes your TV audio might not function properly. If you have a problem with your TV's sound, there are a few things you can try to at least pinpoint where the issue is and possibly fix it.

Things You'll Need

  • Batteries for your remote control (optional)
  • Spare composite, HDMI or optical cables

Step 1

Confirm that the "Mute" button is not activated or that the volume isn't turned down. Press the "Mute" button and see whether the sound comes back or a Mute icon appears on the screen. Check whether the volume level comes back on. If the TV doesn't respond to any buttons on the remote, replace the batteries and try again.

Step 2

Check the TV's audio settings to make sure the TV is picking up the audio signal from your DVD player, cable box or other components. Consult your TV's User's Manual or set-up guide to confirm this. Listen to the TV audio.

Step 3

Check the plugs at the back of the TV and component. Make sure the cable connecting the TV to the component is plugged in properly and firmly. Check the sound on your TV.

Step 4

Replace the cable joining the component to the TV, then turn on the TV again and listen for sound. If the sound is active, then the old cable is damaged and needs replacing.

Step 5

Try an alternate method of connecting the sound to the TV. For example, if you are connecting a TV to a component using HDMI, plug in a composite audio cable. Change the settings on your TV and component to route the sound through your alternate cable. Consult the User's Manual for your TV and your component for instructions on this step. Check the audio again.

Step 6

Plug your component into a second TV, if you can access one. If not, take it to a friend's house and borrow another TV's sound inputs. If the sound works at your friend's house, then the speakers on your home TV's speakers are not working.