How to Turn a USB Printer Into a Wireless Printer

By Aubrey Kerr

There are two ways to turn a USB printer into a wireless printer. Either install a wireless print server to your wireless network and attach the wired printer to it, or insert a USB wireless Bluetooth adapter directly to your printer and connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. For the Bluetooth adapter to work, your printer must have an available USB port and your computer must be Bluetooth compatible. Wireless print servers will work with any USB printer and your existing wireless network.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless print server
  • Ethernet network cable

Step 1

Connect the wireless print server to your wireless router with an ethernet cable. After the print server configuration is complete you can remove this cable.

Step 2

Make sure the printer is plugged in to the wireless print server and turned on, then plug in the print server to power it up.

Step 3

Use the installation CD that came with your print server to install the server software on your computer. When you insert the CD, an installation wizard will appear to walk you through the process.

Step 4

Type in your wireless network password when prompted, then enter your WEP or WAP key and your channel number. You set up this information when you installed your wireless router.

Step 5

Establish your wireless print server security settings according to the directions given in your server manufacturer's user guide.

Step 6

Check to make sure the printer server appears in your list of printers when you attempt to print a document. Open a test document and print to make sure the connection works.

Step 7

Choose the wireless print server as your default printer, if desired, and remove the ethernet cable that connects the server to the router. Install the printer server CD on each computer that will print to the server.