How to Turn on a Blackberry Curve

By Kenneth Coppens

The BlackBerry Curve is a popular smart phone made by Research in Motion. Like any other smart phone, it allows you to access the Internet, check email and has many other features. Obviously, you must first turn on the phone to get access to the features. BlackBerries are known for starting up much slower than other phones, which may cause a person to think their BlackBerry has a problem. In most cases, this problem is simply a result of the phone being turned on improperly.

Things You'll Need

  • BlackBerry Curve
  • Power adapter

Step 1

Plug the BlackBerry Curve into the power adapter to make sure it is charged. A low battery can prevent the phone from turning on.

Step 2

Locate the button with the red phone symbol. This button serves as both the power button and the button to end a call.

Step 3

Press and hold the button for five seconds. If the phone does not turn on, you may have an issue with the battery. If this happens, take your phone to the nearest retailer to have the battery tested.

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