How to Turn on a Wireless Dell Laptop

By Chanel Adams

Dell laptops can be beneficial for the home, small businesses and large enterprises. The Dell website allows you to create your laptop from scratch. Create a 10.1 inch, 11 to 14 inch, 15 to 16 inch or a 17 inch large screen laptop. Dell also offers options and help to new computer uses. Options include memory size, RAM, video cards and an optical drive. You can also add software and enable the wireless Internet. Setting up your laptop once it arrives requires minimum time and effort. Those new to using a laptop have an easy time with this set up.

Things You'll Need

  • AC adapter
  • Network cable
  • Installation software

Step 1

Position your computer in an area that has access to a power source, ventilation and a leveled surface. Place your Dell laptop on a sturdy desk or table. Prevent overheating by leaving 4 inches of space at the back of the computer and 2 inches on all other sides.

Step 2

Connect the AC adapter to the left side of your Dell laptop. Plug the other end of the adapter into the wall outlet. Make sure the cord is firmly in place.

Step 3

Connect the network cable. The network cable is for users who need a wired network connection. Plug it on the left hand side of your laptop, the third plug from the AC adapter.

Step 4

Open your laptop if you have not already. Press the power button. The power button is the silver button at the top of the keyboard. Your Dell laptop should power up.

Step 5

Follow the instructions on the screen for setting up your laptop. The screen should ask you to accept license agreements, to set preferences and to set up an Internet connection. During this time, you may also use the installation software to add the software that came with your laptop.

Step 6

Press the wireless key symbol (above the number two) on your keyboard to enable the wireless Internet. Before having access to the wireless Internet, make sure your laptop is connected to your router. Follow the instructions on the screen for setting up your connection.

Tips & Warnings

  • The AC adapter is necessary for setting up and powering up your laptop the first time. Only use the adapter to charge your laptop's battery.
  • Do not interrupt the operating system set up process. Doing so makes your computer unusable.
  • Never tug at the AC adapter when unplugging your Dell laptop.
  • Never stack heavy or sharp objects on your computer. This can result in permanent damage.