How to Turn on the Radio on a Wireless Dell Laptop

By Chelsea Baldwin

Turning on the radio of your wireless Dell laptop gives it the ability to pick up on local Wi-Fi networks to give you access to the Internet even if you don't have an ethernet cord or Internet connection plug handy.

Step 1

Locate the Function button on your dell laptop with the radio icon on it. On most Dell laptops, it is on "F2" and is a blue icon. Keep in mind that it could be on "F3" or another button if your laptop is old or is an out-of-the-ordinary Dell model.

Step 2

Hold down the Function key, "Fn," and press the "F2" button down for a second.

Step 3

Wait until the icon pops up in the left-hand side of the task bar or until the red icon over the top of it disappears. Most laptops also have the icon with a light next to it on the side of the laptop for your to check to see if the radio is turned on or not.

Step 4

Right-click on the radio icon once it turns on to choose a wireless network to connect to.

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