How to Turn on Your Zune

By Missy Jess

Zune is a personal digital music player developed by Microsoft. With no "Power" button on the device, turning on a Zune isn't necessarily an intuitive task, especially for new users. Fortunately, the Zune's interface is easy to use once you're familiar with its controls.

Things You'll Need

  • Zune MP3 player

Step 1

Hold the Zune vertically.

Step 2

Press the "Play/Pause" button, the arrow button under the screen and to the right of the circular touch pad.

Step 3

Hold the "Play/Pause" button down for three seconds. The Zune screen will light up and be ready for use.

Tips & Warnings

  • To put the Zune in hibernation mode, hold down the "Play/Pause" button until the screen shuts off. Hibernation mode does not completely power off your Zune. This mode allows the device to turn on faster, but continues using battery power.
  • To conserve battery life, completely power off the Zune. To do this, simultaneously hold down the "Back" (left) button and the center touch pad. After approximately five seconds, the screen will go blank and your Zune is completely powered off.
  • If the Zune does not turn on when pressing "Play/Pause," check the "Hold" switch located at the top of the device. If the "Hold" switch is pink, the Zune is locked. Flip the switch and attempt to turn on the device again. If this does not work, contact Zune for assistance.