How to Unblock Blocked Telephone Numbers

By Mitchell White

If you receive a phone call that says "Restricted" or something other than the phone number itself, the caller may be blocking his number from you on purpose. If you wish to know who the caller is, you can use a service online to get through the caller's block and identify their number.

Step 1

Try a service like Trapcall to unblock phone numbers calling you on your phone. Click on the "Try TrapCall Free" button to try them out.

Step 2

Click "Select" above where it says "Free" on the next webpage. You'll be taken to a form page.

Step 3

Enter your phone number where it says "Mobile Number." Enter your email where it says "Email."

Step 4

Click on the dropdown menu where it says "Carrier" and select your phone service, such as Verizon. Click on where it reads "Time Zone" and select the time zone you live in.

Step 5

Wait for a blocked call, and then reject it as it's coming in once you're signed up for the free trial. Trapcall will then send you the phone number that called you.

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