How to Uncover a Private Number

By Eric Scott

Blocked telephone numbers have been a feature on telephones since the introduction of Caller ID. Now that most people use cell phones, the service has become much more widespread. These frustrating calls leave you with no idea who of the caller's identity or intentions, and repeated calls from a blocked number can leave customers annoyed or frightened. But you can find out the owners of these numbers, if you are willing to fill out a little paperwork.

Things You'll Need

  • Fax machine

Step 1

Contact your telephone company's customer support line. Ask to speak to the Corporate Security division. Corporate Security usually only operates during business hours.

Step 2

Inform Corporate Security that you would like a copy of your Call Detail Records. Call Detail Records contain a list of all the calls and text messages that have been made to and by your phone. Give the operator a date range to search; usually companies will keep records for several years.

Step 3

Fill out the Consent Form the company will send you. Usually, they will ask to fax it to you. Just send it back to the number they provide. They will send your call records within a few days.

Step 4

Look through the records for calls that match the times you were called by the blocked numbers. You will find the number and can take further action from there.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not ask the operator to give you the information over the phone. They are legally obligated to protect the identity of people with blocked numbers, and they will not tell you any information without the proper paperwork. Blocked numbers will not even appear on your phone bill, which is why you need to contact the Corporate Security division.
  • If you are getting harassing blocked calls, call the police first. Police can declare emergency circumstances and get the information quicker. Phone providers will not give you this information immediately, so call the police if you believe you might be in danger.