How to Undelete Phone Text Messages

By Nicole Fotheringham

Text messages that have been accidentally deleted do not have to be lost forever. You can also recover data from cell phone SIM cards that have been corrupted. People have been known to misuse this technology to spy on their employees, spouses or errant teenagers. Ensure that you are using legal software in a way that does not conflict with laws regarding the privacy of individuals. You can use a SIM card reader to recover lost data.

Step 1

Purchase a SIM card reader and related software to retrieve information from the SIM card. Install the software onto your computer according to the manufacturer's instructions. Most software starts a software wizard when the CD is placed in the CD-ROM drive. Follow the prompts to install the software.

Step 2

Remove the SIM card from the cell phone. Slot the SIM card into the reader. Insert the reader into the USB port on your machine.

Step 3

Use the software to access the information on the SIM card. This will include the last 10 numbers dialed, deleted messages and contacts. You can manage the information in the software program and transfer it to a new SIM card if yours has been corrupted.