How to Unfreeze an Internet Browser

By Chad Buleen

Whereas Internet Explorer used to be the most popular Web browser by far, the same can no longer be said as of January 2011. Other Web browsers, such as Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome, have grown in popularity. Regardless of what your Web browser of preference is, the method you follow to unfreeze the browser does not change. Although the reasons for a Web browser freezing differ, generally speaking, the browser is unable to properly use the information a Web page or Web pages are trying to process.

Step 1

Press "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Delete" on your keyboard.

Step 2

Click "Start the Task Manager" on the screen that appears.

Step 3

Click your Web browser's icon from the list under "Applications."

Step 4

Click "End Task." The browser will close. You then can click again on the browser icon on your desktop to restart it.