How to Unlock Your Net 10 SIM Card With a Code

By Chanel Adams

The Net10 phone must connect to the network in order for you to use it. To unlock your cell phone, you need to request an International Mobility Equipment Identity (IMEI) code. Net10 will assist you with unlocking your phone; however, it is against the contract to attempt to unlock the phone yourself. This includes searching online for a code that is specific to your phone. In order for Net10 to assist you, you need to provide the model number and manufacturer of your phone, including any other necessary account information.

Things You'll Need

  • New SIM card
  • IMEI code
  • Model number and manufacturer
  • Cell phone number

Step 1

Contact Net10. Ask the representative for an IMEI code. Provide the representative with your phone's model number, the manufacturer and your cell phone number.

Step 2

Wait until the code arrives in the mail. This may take 7 to 10 business days.

Step 3

Turn over your cell phone. Push down to slide off the protective cover. Remove the battery and your old SIM card.

Step 4

Insert the new SIM card. Place the protective cover back on and turn over your phone.

Step 5

Turn on your phone. Enter the IMEI code when prompted. The phone should be able to operate with the new network.