How to Update TomTom Maps

By Justin Obrien

TomTom GPS devices have been helping people find the places they want to go for over a decade. TomTom provides access to many maps, but although the company states that it offers the latest maps for its users, it doesn't advertise that you need to update your TomTom unit regularly to get these maps. Once you learn how to update the maps, you'll always have the information you need when you need it.

Step 1

Go to the TomTom update website and click on "Update my map."

Step 2

Connect your TomTom unit to your computer using the USB connection cable included with your unit.

Step 3

Access the TomTom Home software on your computer. It should open automatically when you plug in your TomTom. If it doesn't, open it in the My Computer folder while your TomTom is connected.

Step 4

Follow the instructions that pop up for the automatic updating and click "OK." Once the program has downloaded the new map, click the "Add Maps" button on the program to download the map you bought for your TomTom unit.

Step 5

Check your unit to make sure that the program installed the most recent version of the map. To access this information, touch the satellite bars on the TomTom screen, and you'll be shown a map file name. Check the last numbers on the file. They should be higher than on the previous map file, because updates are given progressively higher numbers in their file names.

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