How to Upgrade iTunes

By Techwalla Contributor

The iTunes Store, the largest music vendor in the U.S., first opened in 2003. At that time, it sold only songs that included digital rights management restrictions on their use. In 2009, Apple removed DRM restrictions from the music it sells in iTunes. The new format is of significantly higher quality and can be copied to as many CDs as the user chooses, synced to any mobile device and played on any computers the user owns. Owners of music in the original format can choose to upgrade the songs to the DRM-free versions for a fee -- typically 30 cents a song.

Step 1

Launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 2

Click "iTunes Plus" in the Quick Links menu on the right side of the iTunes screen.

Step 3

Click "Buy All" at the top of the screen if you want to upgrade every song in your music library to the DRM-free format. The information next to the button reveals how many songs you have that could be upgraded and the total price for the upgrade, based on 30 cents for each song and 60 cents for each music video.

Step 4

Upgrade entire albums by viewing them from the list underneath the Buy All section. Only the songs you currently own from the album are upgraded. The price varies with the number of songs you have from the album and is based on 30 percent of the album price. Click "Update Album."

Step 5

Upgrade individual songs by browsing the list of songs beneath the Album Upgrade section. Click the "Buy" button next to the songs you want to upgrade to the DRM-free version.

Step 6

Wait for the songs to download. The DRM-free versions replace the older format music in the iTunes music library. You are given the choice to delete the older format versions or move them to your desktop.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want to upgrade your iTunes library, go to the "QUICK LINKS" section of iTunes and click on "Upgrade My Library Link". Click "Buy". You will then choose whether to delete your old iTunes library or move it to a new folder on your desktop. New songs will now automatically show in the "QUICK LINKS" section when they are available for upgrade.