How to Upgrade the Satellite Receiver Software

By Greyson Ferguson

When using a satellite receiver there is a small card you insert into the front of the satellite receiver to program the software on the device. Although the software is typically going to run fine on the receiver, you may want to update the software if you ever obtain a DVR or change your programming. In order to change the software on the receiver you need to switch out the receiver card.

Things You'll Need

  • Satellite receiver
  • Receiver card

Step 1

Contact your satellite provider and ask for an updated satellite receiver card. The company can mail you this at no expense, or you can stop by the facility and pick one up.

Step 2

Remove the satellite receiver card from the front of the receiver. Push the receiver card in and it pops out.

Step 3

Slide in the new satellite receiver card.

Step 4

Power off the satellite receiver, leave it off for a few minutes, then power it back on. Once on, the receiver is going to detect the updated card and run a scan on it. This scan takes several minutes to complete. When it is done it returns you to your normal programming with the upgraded software installed.