How to Upload Mobile Photos to Facebook

By Aksana Nikolai

Facebook lets you share your photos with your Facebook friends while you're on the go. You can upload Facebook photos from your phone using your personalized upload email address. Mobile photos get added to your Mobile album.

Step 1

Visit the Facebook mobile site in your phone's Web browser and log in.

Step 2

Click the "Photo" button under the status update box.

Step 3

Find your upload email address under the "Upload via Email" heading. Add the address to your phone's address book.

Step 4

Close your Web browser and open your phone's email application.

Step 5

Create a new email message with your upload address as the recipient.

Step 6

Attach your photo to the email message and send it.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can download a Facebook app for iOS or Android that allows direct mobile photo uploading.
  • Keep your upload email address private. Anyone with the address can upload photos directly to your Facebook account.