How to Upload Photos to Walgreens Photo Center

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

A quick and easy way to print your digital photos to get them on your walls or in your wallet is Walgreens' Photo Center online. There is a shop on about every corner for pickup, or you can have them delivered to you or your family and friends. Walgreens allows you to post your pictures so that family and friends can pick and choose what pictures and in what size they want.

Step 1

Create an account on the website by clicking the "Register" option. Registering allows you to post your pictures on the website so others in your circle of friends and family can see. Later you can email your photos from your phone to your account.

Step 2

Use Walgreens software QuickUpload to upload your digital pictures. Click "Upload Photos" from your library page, then select or create the album that you want to place these pictures in. Little Billy's photos can have a separate album from Frank's wild night at the beach.

Step 3

Install ActiveX control, which is the same as QuickUpload, the first time you use this service. You will be prompted to install, and you need to select "Yes" so the program will install. Let it install until it tells you that it is done. As updates to the software become available, you may have to install them using this same process.

Step 4

Click "Select Photos" and put a check in each one of the photos you want to upload. You may need to change directories to find all your photos. Select "Upload Photos" to start the transfer of your selected photos to your online album.

Step 5

Let the upload run until you see that it has finished. You can open another Internet window, but do not close or browse in this one until it is finished uploading. When finished uploading, the window will take you to your new photos in the album that you chose.

Step 6

Pick the photos you wish to order or just view. Select the photos for printing, their size, payment, and shipping or pickup options. Be sure to select the correct store for pickup.

Tips & Warnings

  • Send pictures via email from your email account or your mobile phone to the Walgreens Photo Center, and they will upload your photos to your account.