How to Use a Bluetooth USB Adapter

By Ed Oswald

While most laptops these days come with Bluetooth built-in, select laptop models as well as many desktops do not. This issue can be remedied by the use of a USB Bluetooth adapter. Setup and use of these devices is easy and can be completed by even the most novice computer user

Instaling the Bluetooth Adapter

Step 1

Insert the USB adapter in the open USB port if using a Mac-based computer, and skip to Step 4. If using a Windows-based machine, move on to Step 3.

Step 2

Insert the installation CD, and follow the instructions to install the software and the drivers necessary to run the adapter. The software may require you to launch additional applications to configure the peripheral. Follow your adapter's included user manual for specific steps, which may vary from model to model.

Step 3

With the software installation complete, insert the Bluetooth adapter into the open USB slot.

Step 4

Ensure that your Bluetooth settings are set to "discoverable," which means the peripheral will be able to see other devices that are Bluetooth-capable and also "discoverable" as well.

Connecting a Bluetooth-Enabled Device

Step 1

Turn on Bluetooth on both the computer and the device you are trying to connect. Either the computer or the device itself should detect the other to begin the connection process.

Step 2

Select the detected device on your computer (or conversely the detected computer on the device, either way will work). The connection process should begin, and in some cases you will be asked for a PIN.

Step 3

Take note of the PIN given by either Bluetooth-enabled device, and enter it into the other device if it asks for it. The PIN will be verified, and, upon verification, the two devices will be "paired."

Tips & Warnings

  • Typical Bluetooth connectivity problems come from any one of the following three sources: incorrect PIN, distance or obstructions between the two connecting devices and the failure to set either Bluetooth device to "discoverable." Check all of these suggestions before entering into any troubleshooting.