How to Use a TV as a Wireless Computer Monitor

By Shawn Farner

Some home theater buffs base their entertainment center around a PC, allowing content to be streamed to and from other computers in the house as well as the Internet. Unfortunately, not everyone can keep a computer in their living room. A few options exist for those who want to wirelessly stream the monitor image from their PC to their TV. These options help you avoid messy, tangled wires and a crowded entertainment center.

Step 1

Buy the PlusTV Wireless PC to TV converter from Kworld. The PlusTV allows you to connect your PC to your TV wirelessly and control it using the bundled remote control. Plug the PC transmitter into the VGA port on your PC and connect the TV receiver to your TV set to view your PC's screen on your TV without wires.

Step 2

Purchase the Wireless USB to VGA Kit from IOGEAR. This device works with TVs that have a VGA input, helping you transmit your PC's picture wirelessly. To view your PC's screen on your TV, plug the USB transmitter into an available USB slot on your PC and connect the wireless VGA receiver to your TV.

Step 3

Use the Wireless VGA/TV Converter available from Smarthome. Connect the transmitter to your PC and the receiver to your TV to begin receiving a picture from your home computer wirelessly. No software installation is required, which means you can get the converter set up quickly.