How to Use a Webcam on an Acer Aspire 1

By Fred Larrey

The Acer Aspire One laptop comes with a built-in webcam that is compatible with any webcam software. However, webcam software does not come pre-installed on the Aspire One. If you'd like to use your webcam for video chatting, you should download and install a program like Skype. But if you'd like to just test the webcam on your Aspire One, "WebcamMax" is the way to go.

Things You'll Need

  • Acer Aspire One
  • WebcamMax software

Step 1

Download and install the WebcamMax software. You are given a free 30-day trial, which will be more than enough to test out your webcam.

Step 2

From the "Start" menu, launch WebcamMax. WebcamMax should automatically detect your webcam; when the program starts up, you should see yourself in the window in the upper-left corner of the program.

Step 3

Click the Camera button located under the window to take a still photo, or the record button to record a video.