How to Use an Existing Answering Machine With MagicJack

By William Pullman

The MagicJack phone system, which uses an Internet connection to make and receive phone calls, comes with a voicemail system for recording messages when you miss calls. Though you don't have to pay extra for the voicemail feature, you may choose to use a standard answering machine to record your messages. You can connect an external answering machine to a phone using MagicJack instead of using the MagicJack voicemail.

Step 1

Unplug your phone from the MagicJack USB, leaving the telephone line connected to the MagicJack.

Step 2

Plug the open end of the telephone line into the answering machine. The telephone jack you want to use on the answering machine is labeled "Line," "Line In," "In" or some similar term.

Step 3

Connect a second telephone line to the "Phone," "Out" or similarly labeled jack on the answering machine.

Step 4

Plug the open end of the second telephone line into the jack on the telephone.

Step 5

Set your answering machine to pick up at three rings or fewer. The MagicJack voicemail picks up at four rings. You cannot change the amount of rings before the MagicJack voicemail picks up.