How to Use an iPhone Overseas

By Art Corvelay

People can easily become reliant on their iPhones, checking emails multiple times a day, making phone calls and scheduling appointments. If you are traveling overseas, you can continue to use your iPhone. However, using your iPhone overseas can be quite costly as the AT&T international rates for phone and data usage are extravagant. Therefore, if you are going overseas, there are some easy steps you can take to minimize the cost of using your iPhone.

Step 1

Know the AT&T international rates before you leave for your trip. You can use your iPhone just like you would in the states; however, the rates will be much higher. For example, data roaming costs $.0195/kb of data. This would cost you $40 if you opened a 2 MB email attachment using your iPhone. You can also check AT&Ts international rates website to see how much it costs to make phone calls per minute (See References).

Step 2

Purchase an international data plan if you know you are going to be checking email and using your data plan. You can purchase 20 MB, 50 MB, 100 MB and 200 MB plans.

Step 3

Turn off the "Fetch" data feature on your iPhone. This feature will automatically download emails even when the phone is off. This will be quite costly if you forget to turn it off. Go to "Settings" and then "Mail, Contacts, Calendars." Click "Fetch New Data" and make sure you set it to off.

Step 4

Turn "Data Roaming" off. Click "Settings" and then choose "General." Select "Network" and then turn "Data Roaming" off.

Step 5

Reset your data usage meter so you know exactly how much data you have used. Click on the "Settings" icon and then choose "General." From this menu, select "Usage" and then click "Reset Statistics" at the bottom of the screen.

Step 6

Turn your phone on "Airplane" mode. Airplane mode will turn off all data and phone functionality and ensure that you don't accidentally use any data. To turn on Airplane mode, click the "Settings" icon and then click "On" next to Airplane mode.

Step 7

Use Wi-Fi when it is available. This can even be used in "Airplane" mode and will allow you to access data for free.

Step 8

Use Skype when connected to Wi-Fi. You can download the Skype application for free at the App store. You can make phone calls using Skype over Wi-Fi for free. You cannot, however, receive calls using Skype.

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