How to Use Bluetooth to Transfer Cell Contacts

By Matthew Fortuna

Bluetooth is among the leaders in cell phone technology that is helping to expand the wireless revolution. You can sync Bluetooth devices to your phone as long as they are Bluetooth-enabled and can connect your phone to other Bluetooth devices and other enabled computers. With this connection, you can transfer contacts or a variety of other files to your cell phone in just seconds without ever physically connecting your phone.

Step 1

Turn on the Bluetooth on both of your phones by navigating through the "Settings" menu to "Connection">"Wireless">"Bluetooth">"New Device."

Step 2

Wait for a list of available devices to populate after clicking "New Device" and click on the name of the Bluetooth connection.

Step 3

Enter the passcode for the other connection and click on the contact files you would like to transfer. This is the passcode that you programmed into your Bluetooth device, which is usually "0000" if it has not yet been programmed.

Step 4

Select "Send" and click "Bluetooth," and your files will be sent through the wireless connection to your other device.