How to Use

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Mark Zuckerberg created the first version of Facebook to connect college and university students, who normally would not interact around campus. His vision was to form a community of college and university students via the web. Today, there are four different networks you can join: college/university, high school, workplace and region.

Step 1

Click on the "Register" link, fill in your information and agree to the Terms of Use and Private Policy. Next, confirm the email address you provided.

Step 2

Follow the steps Facebook provides in the conformation email to set up your account. Based on the email address you entered or the network you provided, Facebook will help you set up your home page accordingly.

Step 3

Find friends who are also using Facebook using the search tool on the left of the screen. You will only be able to see the profiles of people or friends in your network. If you would like to see profiles of a people from another network, add them as your friends using the "Add to Friends" button.

Step 4

Fill out your profile by clicking "Edit" next to Profile once you are in your account. Follow the steps in the Edit tool to fill out any information you would like people in your network, or people you accept as friends, to view.

Step 5

Join applications within Facebook, such as adding photos or photo albums to your profile for others to see. You can also join groups of interest, see what events are going on in your area, purchase or sell items in the Marketplace, or share what types of Music and/or Movies you enjoy with Flixter and/or iLike Music.

Step 6

Chat with your friends through Facebook. On each profile there is a button for sending a message, this is used if you wish to send a private message to the person's Inbox you are viewing. If you don't care who reads what you write, post the message on your friends Wall.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not put any personal information on your profile.

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